Speaker: Guang Ning

Title: Dia-omics Study Identify the Interaction between Gut Microbiota and Host Metabolism in Obesity


Gut microbiota has been more and more linked to obesity, however, how gut bacteria affects host metabolism remains to be determined. By deep metagenomic sequencing and metabolomics profiling of a case-control cohort of Chinese young obese patients and matched lean controls, we identified obesity-associated bacteria species and differentially enriched amino acids profile; multi-omics analysis showed close co-variation of altered bacteria species and circulating metabolites. Of note, species from Bacteroides were negatively correlated with aromatic amino acids and branch chain amino acids (BCAA). Interestingly, these species also possessed genes encoding enzymes which could metabolize these amino acids. These data may suggest that amino acid metabolized by gut microbial species may influence circulating amino acids in obesity. In summary, we identified specific bacteria species correlated with obesity, demonstrated their interaction with host metabolites, and provided intervention targets for regulating host metabolism and obesity.