Speaker: Marc Dacier

Title: On the Importance of Collaboration for Cybersecurity: the Why and How


The notion of data and/or threats intelligence sharing has become a very hot buzzword within the security community over the last few years. Several initiatives are taking place. Unfortunately, they are usually confined within the boundaries of a given industry, structure, country or sets of countries by implementing a “friends of friends” paradigm. Alternatively, some other schema involved a trusted third party, typically a vendor or a government body. Whereas both approaches have merits they also suffer from severe drawbacks that will be outlined in this talk. Furthermore, we will present some very concrete and successful examples of worldwide collaborations that have taken place over the years as well as the benefits they have generated. As some of them are still active, we will explain how Chinese actors could also, if they so desire, participate to such international collaborations, what this would practically mean and what they would have to win in such joint activities.