Fudan Institute for Advanced Study (FDIAS for short) was founded in October 2015 to promote a domestic and international academic exchange of top talents, push forward the development and integration between different disciplines, produce significantly creative academic thoughts and nurture young academic talents.

FDIAS aims at promoting Fudan University’s construction for being a leading university in the world with Chinese characteristics, meanwhile improving the ability and the level of advanced academic exchange of Fudan, so as to gather top talents for an academic summit. Through the Fudan Scholar Program, FDIAS is committed to keep a steady number of annual talents exchange within three years. Based on the program, FDIAS continues to import top talents, and eventually set up a well-known institute for global advanced study center.

Taking the advantage of overall planning in Fudan, FDIAS functions as a bridge to strengthen the academic exchange systems between the university and the departments, affiliated hospitals, research institutes, and in the long run provides talents resources for the secondary units, paving the way for the development of academy and disciplines.