In the light of mutual agreement, Fudan University and Zhongzhi Enterprise Group have jointly instituted the “Fudan-Zhongzhi Science Award” to recognize global scientists who have made fundamental and distinguished scientific contributions. Details about the award are as follows.


1. The purpose of this award is to promote global scientific research, along with advancement in science and technology, and thus providing an internationally-shared platform for communication, research and discussion. World-renowned scientists are encouraged to help strengthen China’s competitiveness in science and technology, and to prepare a talent pool of future prize winners of world-renowned awards.

2. The award is to be given to global scientists who have made fundamental and distinguished achievements in the fields of Mathematics, Physics and Biomedicine.

3. The award is sponsored by Zhongzhi Enterprise Group with its specialized donation fund.

Quota and Award Cash

According to the rules, every year one laureate or one group of laureates will be selected from the three respective fields. The laureate(s) will receive 3,000,000 RMB and the number of laureates should be no more than three.

Eligibility and Award Criteria

1. The candidates must be living scientists who have made fundamental and original achievements representing the cutting-edge standard of current global science and technology, while also remarkably promoting the progress of human society and improving the quality of human life.

2. The award ought to be given to the best contestant(s). The executive council reserves the right to make proper adjustments to the number of the winners and their research field.

Review Committee

1. To ensure that the review procedures are strictly carried out up to the standard, 14 world-renowned scientists and scholars with outstanding achievements in the related fields will be invited to organize a selection committee and a senior committee respectively based on their respective responsibilities. The selection committee includes 8 members who are domestically or internationally acknowledged experts in the field of specialty assigned for the award of the year. The senior committee includes 6 senior members (two for each of the three fields) who are international top-award winners. The members of the selection committee are altered each year, and the members of the senior committee are altered every three years.

2. Each member of selection committee should ask for avoidance when any of the following situations occurs:

A. When it concerns the personal interests of the member;

B. When it affects impartiality in ways not described above.

When such a case occurs as described above, the selection committee will make a judgment corresponding to the application for avoidance. The committee may also directly make a decision without any application for avoidance.

3. Each member of selection committee and senior committee should keep confidential the information concerning members, candidates, and judgments.

4. Each member of selection committee and senior committee should maintain an impartial, scientific and serious attitude, so that every judgment will be made on the basis of facts. In the course of reviewing, all members should perform their duty independently, objectively, and without bias obeying the instructions of the committee and following the related regulations.

5. The executive council will make proper arrangements for payment to committee members based on their actual work.

Review Process

1. The review processes for Fudan-Zhongzhi Science Award will go as follows: from nomination by the nomination committee members, to a preliminary review by the selection committee, and finally to a final review by the senior committee.

2. For nomination, each member of the nomination committee can recommend at most two nominees.

3. For preliminary reviewing, the selection committee will hold an in-person session of selection based on a careful study of the nominees with full discussion. A list of two to three finalists for the competition will be determined by secret ballot. Each of the finalists must obtain the the approval of more than (and including) two thirds of the members present.

4. For final reviewing, the senior committee will hold a session and selection based on a careful study of the applications with full discussion. The laureate(s) will be eventually determined by secret ballot, and then the result will be submitted to the executive council of the award for examination and approval. The winner(s) must obtain the vote of support from two thirds of the members present.

5. The laureate(s) for the Fudan-Zhongzhi Science Award, after the examination and approval of the executive council, will be publically notified for 15 days at least on the website of Fudan University, Fudan Institute for Advanced Study, and also by way of other related media. By the end of notification period, the award secretariat will report the result of the public notification to the executive council for examination and approval.

Award Presentation 

The Award Ceremony is held in the second half of every year along with the Fudan Science and Innovation Forum, to publicize the laureate(s)’s name and their achievements in science and technology. The laureate(s) will also receive a certificate and a trophy.


1. To ensure the smooth functioning of the review work, Fudan University and Zhongzhi Enterprise Group will have representatives of their own for the organization of a secretariat responsible for the administrative support.

2. The secretariat reserves all the rights for the final explanation of the guidelines and instructions of the award.

3. This “Guidelines and Instructions” comes into force since May 1st, 2016