Speaker:Prof. Ivan Sutherland, Winner of Turing Award

Time:10:30-11:30, Friday, February 26, 2016

Address:N205, Zibin Building, Fudan University


This talk recalls 60 years of computing. In that time,computers and software have changed almost beyond recognition. It has been mygood fortune to see and participate in some major changes in computing and toknow well some of the people responsible.

This talk offers aclose-up view of the growth of graphics from 1963 to 1975 and the Mead-Conwayintegrated circuit revolution that followed a few years later. I will speculateon what helps major technical changes. I hope to convey both the very personal natureof technical research and the thrill I have had from learning new things. Threefactors seem important to good research: 1) a worthy problem, 2) financialsupport, and 3) leadership. Of these, leadership is the most difficult to find.


Ivan Sutherland received his PhD from MIT in 1963 with awell-known thesis called Sketchpad. His varied career has included governmentservice, teaching at several distinguished universities, consulting, andprivate industry. He is the author of numerous technical articles and more than70 United States patents. Dr. Sutherland is a member of both the NationalAcademy of Engineering and the National Academy of Sciences. He holds ACM’sTuring Award and the Kyoto Prize. He makes his home in Portland, Oregon andspends full time as a Visiting Scientist at Portland State University.


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09:30-10:45  Report:Sixty Years of Computing—A Personal Recollection

10:45-11:00  Tea Break

11:00-12:00  Interaction