Fudan Science and Innovation Forum 2016 will be held on December 17th~18th, 2016, in Shanghai, China.

Fudan Science and Innovation Forum 2016 will be a two-day forum including a main forum and four sub forum, and Fudan Science and Innovation Award will be issued. The theme of this forum will focus on the frontier scientific research and innovation achievements of biomedical, big data science, artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship.The invited guests of main forum included professor Roger D. Kornberg (Nobel prize winner) and Shoucheng Zhang (Dirac prize winner), Professor Michael I. Jordan (Senior expert in artificial intelligence field). About 400 people will participate in the forum this year, who are included in the fields of academic, business and politics.

Adress: No 88,  East Guoding Road, Hyatt Regency Shanghai, Wujiaochang