Fudan University has launched the Fudan Scholar Program in the beginning of 2016, which welcomes outstanding scholars overseas to Shanghai for on-campus academic exchange with Fudan colleagues. The program accepts around 50 scholars annually, who come from various backgrounds of sciences, engineering, medicine and humanities. Divided into 3 levels, i.e., Honorary Fudan Scholar, Distinguished Fudan Scholar, and Fudan Scholar, the program provides an excellent environment for scholarly research. In forms of workshop, lecture, seminar, class, etc., it aims to facilitate interaction between international scholars and the colleagues and students in Fudan University and bring out the fullest intellectual and creative potentials.


◾The applicants who have won Nobel Prize, Turing award, Fields Medal, or other same-level awards, are suggested applying for Honorary Fudan Scholar.

◾The applicants who have been recommended for having the potential to win the aforementioned awards, including academicians of a country/region or distinguished scientists winning the same-level honors, are suggested applying for Distinguished Fudan Scholar.

◾The applicants who are less than 35 years old and have prominent scientific research potential, such as post-doctors, are suggested applying for Fudan Scholar.

◾The applicants who have the experience of working in a government or international organizations, famous enterprises, as well as the ability of advanced scholarly exchange and research, are suggested applying for suitable levels based on their personal conditions.

Allowances & Services

◾A round trip air ticket is provided in accordance with FDIAS regulations.

◾A monthly stipend determined by FDIAS regulations.

◾Designated accommodation, facilities, and offices.

We welcome financial and other supports from colleges and departments as well. Allowances vary according to the applied level of the scholar.

How to apply

1. For scholars from backgrounds of sciences, engineering, and medicine, please apply online(APPLY HERE):

◾Registration: all applicants must register online first

◾Documents: all applicants must provide their CV (the applicants of Fudan Scholarneed two reference letters)

◾Application period: open all year round

◾Visiting Period: from one week to three months

Contact: Ms. Peng

Phone: +86-21- 65648438

Email: fdias@fudan.edu.cn

2. For scholars from backgrounds of humanities, please apply via email:

◾The department hosting the scholar shall provide a written application, including the personal information and visiting plan of the scholar, as well as the contact information of concerned staffs and the resume of the scholar.

Contact: Ms. Lin

Phone: +86-21-55665552

Email: xi_lin1@126.com